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Matching Talent with Opportunity

Julia Cort Recruiting is as much about building long term sustainable relationships with clients on both sides of the equation as it is about matching talent with opportunity. Our goal, from inception, has been to serve the candidate as well the company. While hired by the client company, we have always been keenly aware of the needs of the candidate. We believe that our firm gracefully addresses both the requirements of the company and the inherent responsibility to the candidate to find the right fit for his or her career path. We feel that by adopting this position we ultimately are able to find and match the best candidate with the right company.

In keeping with our goal to provide a high level of service to both company and candidate, we have made every effort to address the multiple roles that a recruiting firm must assume. From understanding the specific needs of the company, to their position in their respective industry sectors to the immediate management team that the candidate will be working with, we feel confident that we will be able to fulfill the requirements outlined by the client company. This philosophy has served us well over the years to the point were now the majority of our new clients are referred by former or current clients.

While my area of expertise rests in the field of SW engineering; compilers, debuggers, linkers, assemblers, or in general tools developers, I have been equally successful in placing engineers and managers in the application layer, working with C++, Java, Visual Basic, and Windows programmers. Additionally I have placed candidates in OS and database positions as well as QA and test roles, in Unix and Linux environments. The EDA market has also been a focal point.

My associate, Chris Cort, has been working successfully in the area of multimedia; Video Codecs, Audio and System on Chip design. He has also been highly productive in working with sales, marketing and senior management candidates. Additionally, he has worked on CEO and COO positions.

Our firm provides a full range of services to both the client company and to the candidate. We are well versed in all types of visas and work permits. We have extensive experience with relocation issues as well as salary negotiations. We work with clients nationally from San Jose to Boston as well as international clients in Canada, India, England, Scotland, China and Germany.


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